Extra-Curricular Activities

Pro Active Club Activities

BAKIS is proud to offer a variety of opportunities for students to explore their interests beyond the classroom. BAKIS School learning is enhanced with a comprehensive Pro Active Club Activities (PAC) to enrich their learning.

The BAKIS PAC program is an opportunity for students to explore their interests outside the classroom. Ranging from creative writing to sports, academic enrichment to imaginary play, the PAC program strives to offer a wide variety of choices.

The PAC program is important because it encourages risk taking and balance in life. Students enjoy and benefit from having the opportunity to socialize with others with similar interests as themselves in a non-academic environment.

• Robotics ( Grade 5 and above)
• Stem ( Grade 9 and above )
• French
• Art
• Football
• Karate
• Zumba
• Quran Tajweed
• Public Speaking ( Grade 9 to 12 )
• Gymnastics
• Music
• Tennis
• Drama