Innovation Across the school

Beaconhouse Al Khaleej International School builds innovation into the curriculum through a mixture of subject initiatives and cross-curricular opportunities. Our teaching approaches foster 21st Century Learning, and call for a renewed emphasis on the learner and the impactful use of emerging technologies.

In KG, Elementary and High School, students will:

  • Tackle open-ended challenges and experience problem-solving which calls for innovative solutions in the subject curriculum.
  • Contribute as digital authors, using mixed media presentation, and audio and video editing tools, to build their own ‘digital essays’ on issues of the day
  • Engage in Design Thinking to create products and solutions that integrate social and business needs with opportunities presented by technology
  • Be invited to participate in competitions and team challenges
  • Nominate themselves to take part in activities to improve the school site and operations
  • Undertake team, leadership, outdoor challenge and entrepreneurial activities in every year group
  • Take part in global communication to bring them into contact with global diversity




KG Graduation

08 Jan 2022

Global Day

15 Aug 2022