Middle School

The Middle School at BAKIS commences from 12 to 14 years (grades 6 – 8 in the US Curriculum system). The transitional years of middle school see a shift to more student-driven inquiry and action. We balance academics with increased social responsibility to prepare students to be caring, proactive members of the school community and beyond. In this phase, students have specialist teachers in all subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, Arabic, Islamic Studies, ICT, Social Studies, Art, Music, Quran, Physical Education and Moral Education. Personal and social development is introduced across all Grades from Grade 1 to 9 and is taught during social studies.
Elements of UAE heritage, history and Islamic culture are incorporated during teaching and learning activities across all disciplines.

Our middle school students participate in school wide activities through shared projects with the older students, school-wide initiatives and whole school assemblies. Our indoor dining area and outdoor playgrounds area are purpose built to stimulate the physical development needs of our students.

Students at this stage bring their own personal devices to school to connect to the school network and access work-related to their learning



KG Graduation

08 Jan 2022

Global Day

15 Aug 2022